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Some people say that we all have a book inside of us waiting to be written. Well, that's probably the case with me. After spending many years in the telecoms and marketing industries, there comes a point when all that experience and knowledge has to converge in one way or another.

The Essential Business Technology & Marketing Handbook seems to have been a labor of love. Fortunately I have a propensity towards wanting to help businesses exploit technology and I enjoy marketing so the two together seem to be a good combination when selling to businesses.

Whilst the book took a few years to write and then I had to make sure that I hadn't let some of the newer technologies sneak past me, I finally self-published my book on Kindle.

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What's Inside

  • Seven Simple ROI Stages
  • Project Plan to Manage Technology
  • Strategy to Exploit Business Systems
  • Workbook Format for Staff
  • Free Online Downloads

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