After surviving this life to the aged of 46, God decided that I had wasted enough time trying to do everything in my own strength and started showing me what this 'faith' thing was all about.

Bringing you up to date...

Liz and I became Born Again Christians in 2009 and everything changed. I did a presentation a short while ago and part of it was my testimony. It covers visions, dreams, the marvel of God's provision and also His direct guidance.

New Book

Back in 2013 I began a personal Bible study as I somehow knew there was far more to Christianity than the preacher teachers were demonstrating. There was! Over the next 365 days I read, studied and listened to what God was saying. I wrote everything down and will have it typed up by the end of June 2015, which ties in nicely with our six year birthday of becoming Born Again.

I am amazed at what God has said. This is how He communicates with us. We read the Bible and he communicates with us immediately. This I know for sure!

The Standard

This is the first direct instruction from God; To develop a Ministry for Business Owners so that business people would begin to understand that God must come first before money. His provision is always enough, but if the business community keep focusing on making money, they will ultimately lose it.

This website illustrates our plan for reaching businesses through normal business channels as well as connecting through related websites.

We plan to organise a online Church service aimed specifically at business people. I'll keep you posted!

#Ask About Faith

The second instruction was to grow his Church. Since 1960 5m people have stopped attending to now 50,000 Churches in the UK. That's nearly 2,000 people per week opt out and have been doing so every year for the past fifty years.

We are setting up meetings in coffee shops on Sunday mornings to meet people who want to ask simple or complicated questions about faith. We're not connected to a church, we have no other agenda except to help people understand what it says in the Bible so that they can apply it to their lives.

We were told to heal the sick, cast out demons and make disciples of people. Something the Church makes excuses for time and time again and fails miserably at. We'll tell people the truth and explain why many things are not done in Church that should be.